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Kelly A. Manteck – The Artist

KAMera Chicago Photography is owned by Kelly A. Manteck. Born and raised in Chicago, Kelly completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2013, a Master of Education in Early Childhood / Early Childhood Special Education and a Master of Education in Secondary Education – Humanities (English & Art) from Grand Canyon University in 2020. In addition to owning KAMera Chicago, Kelly has also taught high school digital art and English. She is a volunteer Docent for the Chicago Architecture Center leading the River Cruise and a couple of walking tours.

Chicago is home to the skyscraper and architecture as innovative as that of the city of Chicago must not be overlooked, but instead cherished and preserved. Kelly’s architectural photography is more than just a series of photographs; instead, they are a testament to the beauty of architecture and a plea for the preservation of this large-scale artwork. Within Kelly’s photography, It is her goal to show viewers that architecture isn’t just a building that we inhabit, but instead a form of art and history – a masterpiece. She uses the landscape as her canvas to get others to see the architecture as the beauty that it truly is. Kelly’s work takes the buildings and turns them into geometric wonders that transform the urban landscape into an incredible work of art. Architects aren’t just builders, but instead, artists, and their art is brilliant.

 In 2012, Kelly’s photographs of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House were published in WTTW Channel 11’s National documentary titled ’10 Buildings That Changed America’. She has also shown in several galleries around Chicago and has a piece on permanent display in the Chicago history video in the Chicago Architecture Center’s Chicago Gallery.

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